• A design dream team mixes modern and traditional in Los Angeles

       Published as: DIVINE SYMMETRY Architecture: Richard Manion Interior Design: Kara Smith / SFA Text: Erika Heet Photography: Karyn Millet The old house in the Los Angeles neighborhood affectionately known by insiders as “Little Holmby” had been demo’d and new plans drawn by architect Richard Manion for a classic revival…

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  • An eclectic, bohemian high rise apartment in Chicago

    Published as: FLOAT LIKE A Butterfly Interior Design: Project Interiors Architecture: Filoramo Talsma Architecture Text: Tate Gunnerson Photography: Cynthia Lynn Kim There are so many delightful little moments in this project,” says designer Jennifer Kranitz of the 47th-floor Gold Coast entertaining lounge and guest suite that she, designer Aimee Wertepny…

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  • An Emerging Designer Creates a Modern Waterfront House in Sydney

    Published as: FAR & AWAY Architecture: Mhndu Interior Design: Blainey North Text: Jeff Turrentine Photography: Felix Forest   The Russian avant-gardist Kazimir Malevich (1879-1935), a painter who helped usher in the era of abstract art, believed that the ultimate purpose of any artwork was to elicit a strong emotional response.…

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