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Jeff Andrews is the kind of designer whose work one instantly recognizes, but is unique to each client and project. Some of those clients are high-profile celebrities; some are busy creatives, and one is Jeff Andrews himself—perhaps his most exacting client. Jeff sat down with Interiors for an in-depth Q&A on his journey, his creative process, and designing for celebrities as well as himself.
Tell us about your path as a designer. How did growth happen for you?
My design journey has been action packed! Since dabbling in design in my early 30s, growth has been in steady increments. Design is my second career path, the first being choreography. I’ve always been a creative person with my eye on the big picture, so these two paths feel seamless to me. From dance I learned discipline, determination and professionalism. Using those traits in design has helped me learn and grow in my creativity. I have been blessed with some amazing clients along the way, and that has elevated my career and design experience greatly. Having people put trust in my vision and ability to interpret their needs has been paramount to my success as a designer.
When you started designing for higher profile and celebrity clients, did anything about your approach or process change? If so, in what way?
It is really not working with celebrities that has influenced my process, it is more about working with other creatives that has had a big impact on the way I see things. Collaboration has always been key to successful design for me, and when creative minds work in harmony, the results can be extraordinary. Through experience with larger, more high-profile projects I have learned to hone my process of communication and creative expression. My clients have definitely pushed me to be a better designer.
When you designed Kris Jenner’s home, you started with one guest room. Talk about starting this way, then opening up the process to design the whole home.
I think Kris wanted to test the waters with me. We definitely clicked from the beginning, and once we got started, the project escalated and multiplied several times. Kris does not do anything small. She had absorbed so much design knowledge throughout her life up to that point and was ready to go all out. I enjoyed every minute of designing with Kris, and her project is still one of my favorites. I feel the entire process of working with her took me to another level.
Kourtney Kardashian asked you to create a whimsical home for her, like something out of Alice in Wonderland. How did that translate for a Jeff Andrews design?
There was a good amount of brainstorming and collaborating with Kourtney. She has a great eye and knows what she wants. She also gave me the freedom to explore and expand the ideas into reality. Honestly, it was such a smooth process with Kourtney and really a different design direction for me. Since I don’t like the idea of having a “signature design style,” this project was a great exercise in stretching my creative muscles in a different direction. It is whimsical yes, but still has my aesthetic. 
What was your approach to designing for Khloe Kardashian?
Khloe was the first of the family that I designed for and could not have been more lovely. She had so much trust in me, and we clicked right off the bat. Now that I have worked with several members of the family, I can see the influence Kris has had on them. The great communication skills, the need for organization, and self-expression throughout the home. The approach with Khloe was much like with my other clients, get to know her and what she requires in a home, make the design impeccable, and execute it seamlessly. She was so supportive and loving—a perfect client. 
When you designed a home for choreographer Mandy Moore, you had been friends for years. Walk us through designing this home for you, and how your friendship helped the process.
Mandy and I are friends from the dance world. This is a perfect example of creatives working together and also a great example of trust. Mandy literally let me do whatever I wanted. She was like a cheerleader at every presentation we had. This kind of trust and enthusiasm actually makes me work harder to create and make it perfect. We speak the same language.
Kaley Cuoco, who wrote the intro for your book, The New Glamour, told you she would be “your easiest client, because I love your taste and I love what you do!” Tell us about the design process with Kaley.
Kaley is literally one of the kindest humans I know. Working with her was a dream. She had just purchased the home from Khloe Kardashian completely furnished. So, it was a process of reinventing a home I had already designed. She loved it as it was, but wanted to personalize it. Over time we reinvented most of the home. Kaley’s energy and personality are so positive, and I think it shows in the interiors we created for her. Again, the design was a departure for me, but I consider it one of my all-time favorites. I’ve never used so much color!
Now it’s your turn to talk about you. What are the biggest challenges and rewards of designing your own spaces?
Designing my own homes is obviously a more personal journey. The challenges are my ever-changing mind and making sure it all feels like Home. It’s so easy to get caught up in what part of me thinks my home should be and what really feels right. The rewards are being able to do whatever I want, and not answer to anyone. Except my husband. That’s an entirely different challenge! Luckily, he’s the most supportive person ever.
You have referred to your own homes as design laboratories. What does this mean for you?
Experimentation mostly. Home is always evolving for me. I have collections, furniture pieces I have had for years, things with meaning for me. When I was younger, I would literally move things around constantly. Now I’m more settled and find comfort in getting things to a more complete place. That being said, things still come through the house on their way into a project fairly regularly. I’m constantly finding pieces that are perfect for a specific client, but finding things that are perfect for me is much fewer and far between. Sometimes I have to try them out.
Give us a glimpse into the differences between designing your last home, your current temporary home, and the home you’re designing now.
My last home, a 1930s Spanish, was an experimentation in restraint. I wanted sophistication and livability. HA! It ended up mostly being a shuffle of my older pieces in a much nicer house. I didn’t do a huge amount of renovating, but what I did, I put much thought and love into. I was very happy with the house. Then I got married. We bought a new house, also a 1930s Spanish and managed to completely renovate through the pandemic. Through the renovation we found a beautiful Spanish duplex that I was able to put together in a few days—one of those amazing spaces where everything just worked. The current home is still a work in progress, but I have, for the first time really, a great sense of home. I’m taking my time with design and loving it.
What should every home have in it—large or small, grand or humble, celebrity or not.
Moments of Drama, Personal Glamour (read my book!) and a sense of Home. Your home should take your breath away on a daily basis.
Finally, please give us a sneak peek into what you’re working on and who you’re designing for now. Spill!
Lots in the mix. Working on a large family home here in L.A. and another in Northern California, a vacation home in Malibu, a pied-à-terre in Santa Monica, a private car collector’s home showroom, and a state-of-the-art home spa. Oh, and a home for Lady Gaga. 
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