FILE FORMATS FOR ADVERTISING: PDF/X-1a:2001 or Press Quality. All ads must come with a digital contact proof, e.g. Kodak Approval or Fuji Pictro. All contact proofs must be made according to SWOP standards including color bars and crop marks. Proofs that do not meet SWOP criteria will be used for color break only. SWOP information can be found at

NOTE: interiors is not responsible for any errors or color inaccuracies for ads submitted without SWOP proofs or that are submitted out of specifications. Interiors assumes no responsibility for defects, omissions, misprints or font defaults for any supplied digital file. Media is not returned.

Full Page Ad: 8.875″w by 10.875″t
Spread Ad: 17.75″w by 10.875″t
Bleed Spec: There must be at least a .125″ bleed with crops outside the bleed area.

Ink Specifications: 4/C process
Binding Specifications: Perfect Bound; Jog-to-Foot
Ink Density: 200 Line-Screen

SUBMISSION: Drag your pdf ad to the submission window area.


DETAIL IMAGES: should be on a white or neutral background. Product images should not be cropped. Image size must be 300 dpi at full size.

TEXT: please send all text/identifying information for your company and for the product image to:


SUBMISSION: Compile your images, zip them together and drag them to the upload window.

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    Accepted file types: pdf, zip.