• A modern, green indoor-outdoor home in the Hamptons

    Published as: At One with NATURE Architecture: A+M+L Architecture Interior Design: Bradley Bayou Text: Jeff Turrentine Photography: Joshua McHugh Before Bradley Bayou began designing homes professionally about ten years ago, he enjoyed a successful career in the fashion industry: first as a high-end couturier, dressing the likes of Beyoncé, Anne…

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  • Designer James Magni renovates a southern California view home

    Published as: New Attitude Interior Design: Magni Kalman Design Text: Arianne Nardo Photography: Manolo Langis James Magni has been a revered designer for decades in Los Angeles, but it was his Midwestern roots that also intrigued this client. Anyone familiar with his book, Magni Modernism, might recognize the cover: a…

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  • Nautical Manhattan Beach House on the Strand

    Published as: SHIP SHAPE Architecture: Grant Kirkpatrick/KAA Design Interior Design: Douglas Durkin Text: Erika Heet Photography: Manolo Langis The highly coveted yet incredibly skinny lots along the Strand in Manhattan Beach, California, continue to push architects and builders to devise ways to fill that precious space in a balanced, meaningful…

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