• A Modern Waterfront Home in Boca Raton by Marc-Michaels Interior Design

    Published as: For All Seasons Interior Design: Marc-MichaelsText: Zlata Kozul NaumovskiPhotography: Jessica Glynn Designers and builders alike thrive on customer referrals and repeat clients. So Marc Thee was thrilled when clients who lived in a home he designed in Boca Raton, Florida, for builder Mark Timothy engaged him to design…

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  • James Magni designs an art-filled canyon home for himself in Los Angeles

    Published as: SOLO SHOW Interior Design: James MagniText: Abigail StonePhotography: Manolo Langis With only themselves to please, designers turn their own homes into laboratories in which to explore their ideas. James Magni delights in this process; moving every few years keeps his creativity fit. “When I think a home is…

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